Week 8, Term 4

  Kaya Year 3 Parents,   I hope you have had a great Week 8.   WOW!!! What a year we have had. We are nearly there. I know that everyone is feeling tired and maybe crawling to the finishing line, but I am so proud of these kids. To say I have enjoyed teaching these children would be a complete understatement. I truly believe that the children are the real teachers, and we always have so much to learn from them. This cohort of children have taught me beyond what I ever imagined. What a privilege it has been to be their teacher this year. Some of you may or may not be aware that I will not be teaching here at OLC next year. As well as being a teacher, I am also a kinesiologist and I have decided to put down the teacher reigns next year and dive fully into my kinesiology business. The children may still see me around occasionally when I do some relief work. Seesaw I have just completed all of the “official” Seesaw tasks for this semester. Both Paula and I do hope that you

Term 4, Week 6

  Week 6, Term 4   Kaya Year 3 Parents. I hope you are all having a great week and enjoying an extra day for the weekend. Hard to believe we are at the end of week 5. The end of year is coming around so quickly. We are deep in the throes of assessment and reporting at the moment, so the children have been very busy demonstrating their skills, understanding and growth. Both Paula and I are in awe of how much all of the children have grown and evolved this year. We are so proud. It is also coming to that time of year where the children are starting to feel tired. Immune systems and resilience may not be running as high as normal and they may be finding certain things a little more challenging than they usually would. Paula and I are fully aware of this and trying to make the classroom a safe and supportive space for them in these last four weeks of school. Friendology – Sole to Soul Project Last term the children designed their own show on a brown paper bag and took it ho

Week One, Term 4

  Term 4, Week One Kaya 3M Parents ,   I trust that you have all had a brilliant break with your children and enjoyed the weather we have been blessed with over the holidays. I personally have enjoyed taking the foot off the pedal for a while and spending some quality time with my boys. I cannot believe we are already at the beginning of Term 4 . This year seems to be flying by and the children of 3M have done an incredible job so far. I am really looking forward to this term. The beginning of the Kambarang Season in Wadandi Boodja (Country), which is the season of birth, will bring us warmer and clearer days, allowing the children to have their much needed outside time everyday. An important necessity in their learning and development. Homework this term will start again on Tuesday, Week One and due the following Friday, Week Two. It will look a little different this term as I will provide the children with Homework booklets that they will work through across the t

Term 3, Week 8

  Term 3, Week Eight   Kaya Year 3 Parents,    Wow, what a fantastic and busy term we are having together. The children worked so hard to get their learning finished and on display for their Learning Journeys last Thursday night and they were all brilliant. I was incredibly proud. Thank you so much for coming in and giving the children your time to showcase all of their hard work.   Wednesday is our Year 3M Reconciliation.  It begins at 5pm. If you are able to be a prayer buddy to support those beautiful children receiving the Sacrament, we would love to see you there.  The service is to go for about 45 minutes.  This Saturday 10th September at 6pm is our celebration mass, where all Year 3s are invited to attend to congratulate those who have furthered their faith journey.    Homework Over the last few weeks, Mrs Murphy and myself decided to have a break from homework. We felt that there was a lot of sickness in the classroom and extra activities, that the c

Week 4, Term 3

Week 4, Term 3   Kaya Year 3 Parents,   I trust that you all have had a great start to the term, it is hard to believe that we are nearly through Week 4 of this term. It just seems to be flying by.   We have had a couple of changes to the desk set up and displays this week in our classroom. It was quite wonderful to see the children’s reactions to all of the changes. Some were very hyped, others may need a little transition time. But all in all, it seems to be a positive change.   Homework Thank you so much for the incredible improvement of the children bringing in their homework in on the due date last fortnight. Just a reminder that it is DUE FRIDAY THIS WEEK, 12 th AUGUST. This gives Mrs Murphy and myself enough time to mark them, and set them up for a new fortnight by the following Tuesday.   Mission Markets This Friday 12 th August is the day for our annual Mission Markets. Our Markets are held to raise money for Catholic Mission Australia. The day is

Reconciliation Workshop

  Reconciliation Workshop Dear Parents   As stated in our blog earlier this week, the Parent/Child Reconciliation Workshop is being help next Tuesday, 26 th July. The details are as follows. Parent Meeting Tuesday 26 th July starting at 5.30pm. Child to attend with the parent. Only children receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation need to attend. Prayer buddies (those children not receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation) do not need to come.   If parents are not able to attend you must ring Father Ian to make an appointment to see him. Commitment Mass Saturday 20 th August at 6pm. If parents are not able to attend they must ring Father Ian to make an appointment to see him.   3M Reconciliation  Wednesday 7 th September at 5pm at the church. It would be great to have the prayer buddies (those children not receiving their reconciliation) come along and support their peers receiving their Sacrament of Reconciliation.   Mass for both 3M and 3L on Sa

Term 3, Week 1 2022

3M’s Blog Week One, Term 3   Welcome back to another great Term in Grade Three. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday. There was a lot of excitement with the children sharing their adventures this morning. It was wonderful to hear. I spent the holidays with my parents who I haven’t seen for two and a half years, and we also moved into our home, so there was a lot of excitement in our household. By the looks of things Term 3 is going to be a good, but big one for the Grade Three students, so buckle up and enjoy the ride. A few important pieces of information to start the term. Reconciliation Reconciliation will be held in Week 8 of this term, Saturday the 10 th September. A Parent/Child workshop will be held next Tuesday, the 26 th July for Reconciliation Candidates and their parents. Specific details are to come. Homework Children will receive their homework on Tuesdays this term and will be due back the following Friday. Homework will consist of reading a